Funding for new gaming app


A Cornish company has secured funding to help develop what it hopes will be the next big augmented reality gaming experience from its headquarters in Newquay.

For the past 11 months, ARCKIT has been developing an app which taps into the popular ‘The Floor is Lava’ game. And now, after a long application process, it has confirmed finance from the European-funded Big2 programme, allowing the game’s creators Clive Kessell and Peter Craggs to finally make their dreams a reality.

Kessell said: “The Floor is Lava has been a game played throughout homes and playgrounds for years and we’re over the moon that we can now bring our Lava AR game to the market – bringing the classic game into the 21st Century.

“Our goal is take technology away from the couch and bedroom and bring it into the outside world, augmenting technology and making it real.”

Following in the footsteps of previous augmented reality games such as the breakthrough Pokémon, the app allows its players to create their own gameplay before turning the flooring around them into virtual lava which they mustn’t touch.

The game is now available to purchase in iTunes with an android version in development.


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